Easy, smart and efficient

Vi has the system for coaches that wants to help their clients towards a better lifestyle with digital solutions

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Focus on the future

Our goal is to have the best tools and technology on the market. Our development team work hard to make your job as a coach easier.



Our team is our biggest asset and we work hard so you can achieve your goals as a coach. Network is critical for your success and in our team you get the network you need to succeed



Vi have built a system where its easy for you to scale your business. Its hard to succeed in the fitness industry, but we are making it as easy as possible to handle your business, so you can focus on you client.

For you that wants to be a successful digital lifestyle coach!


Sander Andersen, CEO and Co-founder of Entirebody

Easy, smart and efficient

If you wants to succeed as an online lifestyle coach, then Entirebody is the right company for you!

We solve:

  • Payments
  • No need to use mail
  • All the tools you need in one place
  • Customer support
  • You clients get an app that they can download from App Store/ Google Play
  • You save time, so you can focus more on your clients
  • We have the possibility for you to make a passive income

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